2017 Germany C3


News: Sweet harvest rebuilds lives Oct. 13, 2017

Bavaria is a good place to be right now if you are a bee, and it’s all thanks to an initiative conceived and created through the International Ford College Community Challenge, which tasks students with developing innovative ideas to improve communities worldwide.

Students from the Technical University in Munich are launching a project to help integrate refugees into the local community and provide safe havens for bees by persuading local companies to let them erect bee hives on top of office blocks.

With guidance and tuition from mentors, their project Townbee is recruiting refugees to manage and protect the bees. They are taught how to harvest the honey so they can sell it and invest the profit in expanding the project.

Townbee honey
Townbee team


Students at RWTH Aachen University won their prize for teaming up with a social partner in Casablanca, Morocco, to create cost-effective prostheses using modern 3-D printing technology. Their Amapro project will see prostheses distributed to needy people in Morocco.

Café ohne Worte

Name change: Sign It

News: Signing for the times Aug. 23, 2017

The third winner is project Café ohne Worte developed by students of the University of Cologne. Its goal is to build better communications with hearing-impaired people by organizing social events working with local cafés and restaurants to promote deafness and inclusion.