About FordScholars.org

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Our Commitment to Education

Ford recognizes the critical importance of education in empowering individuals and communities to innovate and succeed in today's global economy. We support initiatives that are designed to mobilize educators, employers and community leaders to bring communities together to transfrom the entire educational system. These programs provide students with real-world learning opportunities that help them:

  • Develop essential, Global Competitive skills, such as: critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, with a focus on innovation and creativity;

  • Make connections between their academic subjects being learned in the classroom and their application in the real world;

  • Build more sustainable communities by making connections with local business and community organizations to create service-based and academic projects make learning more meaningful and have a positive impact on the community.

We award our $1 M in scholarships to Ford Blue Oval Scholars each year, but our support does not end there. In addition to the network that scholars develop as a member of this elite group, they are also encouraged to serve the community through a range of volunteer options.

Scholars are further empowered in their career goals through access to internship and employment postings with Ford Motor Company.

Here are some Innovative Educational Programs we are proud to support:

  • Ford Next Generation Learning aims to reinvent high school education through career themed academies within existing public schools. Since 2004, 300,000 students in 27 states have enrolled in the nationally recognized program, helping them graduate from high school with the essential knowledge and skills needed for success in college and their careers.
  • Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3) is a national challenge grant competition designed to empower student-led projects at higher education organizations. These are community-building projects that address pressing local needs, developed around the theme, Building Sustainable Communities.
  • The Ford Blue Oval Scholars program awarded over $1 million in scholarship awards in 2012. Thousands of students have received scholarships, which help them continue their academic careers. They are awarded through competitions, such as the Heart Behind the Oval Community Challenge and the Detroit Free Press Journalism Award.
  • The Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn; which is the first charter school in the United States, developed jointly by a global corporation, public education system, and a major nonprofit cultural institution.
  • The Ford Driving Dreams Tour is an essay contest to help high school students identify their goals, drive creativity and promote on-time graduation and college enrollment. The 2012 program rolled out in Irving, Texas. Winners were determined by public vote of each school’s top entry, and received scholarships and funding for an after-school program.
  • Ford Community Corps is a network of Colleges and Universities that work with Ford to create new service-learning initiatives. The programs recognize scholastic achievement while encouraging service to the community. Unlike traditional volunteer programs, Ford Community Corps programs seek to match student know-how with specific non-profit needs. As part of the program, college students, or teams of students, are connected to work-related projects created by local non-profit organizations.