Ag Mechanization Skills for Former Street Youth in Kenya

Student lead: Daniel A. Gentilini

Student major: Mechanical engineering

Mobility is not always tied to passenger vehicles. Tumaini Community Based Organization and Purdue students are among those in the Purdue Utility Project who develop various multipurpose vehicle platforms. In this case, with 20 former street youth, they will refine a small utility vehicle’s design, and fabricate and test several prototypes for local farmers’ use. Limited economical on-farm power is one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest contributors of Real Gross Product, results in productivity often much less than other continents. Small holder farmers, particularly female, on whose shoulders agricultural labor is increasingly falling due to male labor migration, are limited by affordable transportation, which limits the use of labor saving technologies.

Community feedback is not only heard during utility vehicle testing, but at the start as to the needs of the people through the African partner. The community also gets mechanical engineering curriculum from the university students. The project’s sustainability comes in the curriculum implementation and replication. Creation of a mini-PUP allows small holder farmers to cultivate increased acreage and move produce to market.


  • Tumaini Community Based Organization
  • Tumaini Center