Big Data for Small Farmers

Student lead: Aniket Anand Deshmukh

Student major: PhD candidate, electrical engineering & computer science

Every year more than 15,000 cotton farmers in India commit suicide. Nearly one million Indian farmers leave farming due to indebtedness and crop failure. Changing climate, increased frequency of droughts, lack of access to irrigation resources, the popularity of cash-crops such as cotton that are resource intensive and subject to global market volatility are contributing factors to the epidemic.

This project aims to employ crop science, machine learning and crowd analytics to increase crop yields and improve economic status of small holding farmers, thereby reducing suicides among small-farmers. The solution provides farmers with previously unavailable information to assess agroeconomic risk and address social externalities transforming Indian agricultural system from circular to linear and extractive model.


  • Cotton farmers in Ramagundam, Peddapalli, Kamanpur, Manthai Mandals