A High School and Community College collaboration to Design and Fabricate Bicycle Trailers (RV’s) for the Region’s Homeless Community via CAD/CNC/Fabrication/Outreach&Donation

Laguna Creek High School

Elk Grove

As the CTE instructor for the Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA) and one who works extensively with the homeless of Sacramento, this grant will provide a way to address the issue of homelessness with the help of our GETA academy students and our post secondary partners. Our plan is to use the existing partnership between GETA and Cosumnes River College (CRC) to address the following:

1. The shortage of students entering the Blue Collar workforce,

2. The homeless issue in Sacramento,

3. The scope of the programs offered by both partners.

In short, GETA and CRC students would team up to design a bicycle RV. This process would begin with a survey of the needs of homeless individuals. Students would collaborate to create a design to meet these needs and then recreate their vision in CAD. These files would then be converted to a format in which a CNC router would cut out the plywood pieces to be assembled in a “stich and glue” manner. Student teams would apply the solar, electrical and mechanical sytems to the mini-RV, weather proof the “home”, call for a media reveal, and donate these bicycle RV’s to our first homeless recipients.

Check back soon to see if your favorite video earned funds to implement their project!