Jefferson Fitness Trail

Jefferson High School

Rockford, IL

In 2012, Gallup published that Rockford was the 4th most obese city in the country. The Health Sciences Academy feel an obligation to address this critical health issue. Currently, with Jefferson High School being in the far south of the Rockford School District, students, staff, and local residents do not have a public park or other recreational area within walking distance of the school. In addition, people have no sidewalks in the area to provide a safe place for them to walk or jog for exercise. To help Rockford combat obesity and promote overall health and wellness, we plan to install a fitness trail on the grounds of Jefferson High School for use by the students and staff of the school, as well as for the community. The fitness trail may also be a place for cross country meets and for locals to train for 5K races or other fitness events. It may also be a place for the school community to host events for fundraisers, like 5K races, to help support our academies. The Health Sciences Academy senior students have decided they want this to be their legacy project to have an impact on the community long after they have graduated.

Along the path, we plan to have 4 activity stations. After consulting with our fitness specialist on our Academy Support Team, a group of business partners who assist and advise on academy work, we decided what will be available at each activity station along the way. One station will focus on balance, stretching, and abdominals. Another station will work out the back and biceps. The third will work out the chest and triceps, and the last will focus on shoulders and legs. People who use the fitness trail will be able to get the workout of their choice. They can make it a circuit workout, or high intensity interval training, or they can choose a single station and focus on strength or stretching alone. The signs that will be posted will provide detailed explanations for workout options, the health benefits, and the proper and safe way to use each piece of equipment.

Check back soon to see if your favorite video earned funds to implement their project!