Community Walking Path

Case High School: Health and Biomedical Sciences Academy Park High School- Construction Academy


The Academies of Racine and the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare are teaming up to design, build and implement a comprehensive healthy living walking and activity pathway around the Wheaton Franciscan campus.

Wheaton Franciscan is the major health care provider in Racine County. The campus is in the middle of the City of Racine, and encompasses approximately 100 plus acres. The Racine campus is one of 14 hospital campuses in the WFHC System. Wheaton Franciscan is a major employer in the Racine Community, both for those directly employed by them, as well as support services that contract with or service their needs.

As our Racine community is addressing health care concerns that are mimicked throughout the country, such as obesity, heart disease, poor activity levels, diabetes, and the other resulting health issues, we, as a community, are concerned. We wish to provide a self-paced, easy accessible healthy alternative for use by all of the Racine Community.

WFHC and the Academies of Racine, along with other businesses in the community, are proposing research, design, development and then building a comprehensive pathway throughout the WFHC campus.

This would be available for healthy choices for an active lifestyle for employees and the Racine community. It would include a reflective areas for patients and visitors in need of a quiet spot for spiritual time and talk, exercise stations, and a community gathering place for all in the Racine Community to practice healthy living practices.

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