How tumbling can keep you healthy, without moving a muscle

William Chrisman/STEM Academy


The STEM Academy of William Chrisman High School became an organized Academy in August of 2015 with the addition of students in February of 2016. The project we are proposing is to make self-sustaining public compost tumblers for the Independence Community Garden Association. The ICGA has identified six community gardens in which they would like to introduce composting, with the hopes of including all thirteen gardens in the near future.

The project starts with 1) designing a compost tumbler so that a wheelbarrow will easily be filled from the bin, 2) building and installing the compost tumblurs at the identified six gardens 3) developing an efficient solar automatic turning system for the tumblers at WCHS and then installing it on the tumblers, and 4) providing a workshop to the community gardeners to teach them how to use the composters. Right now, the gardens have to buy fertilizer every spring for planting and the compost would free up money for the ICGA, a non-profit organization. The automatic design is to make the tumblers self-sustaining and easy to use for the community. The tumblers must be turned daily and having the automatic turning system will make sure the compost will decompose in the way it should. The ICGA hopes that all of the compost will be ready for use in the 2017 growing season.

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