Detroit Partnership Day

University of Michigan

College/University: University of Michigan
Student Organization: Detroit Partnership
Project Name: Detroit Partnership Day

The fundamental purpose of the Detroit Partnership is to unite the students at the University of Michigan with the people of Detroit. Detroit Partnership encourages students at the University of Michigan to connect with city of Detroit and its people by spending meaningful time interacting through service.

The availability of grant money for Detroit Partnership Day so early in the year, is advantageous because the capital combined with any capital collected during the school year could create an endowment fund. This starting investment would make this project and organization self-sustaining. The long-term goal is for this to become a resource to other non-profits that work in the city of Detroit.

During the Detroit Partnership Day, many of the over 30 projects that students work on revolve around beautification and environmental sustainability. Many students help plant community gardens that are used to provide food for an entire neighborhood. Other projects include tasks such as cleaning up neighborhood streets as well as helping to rebuild local homes and buildings. By bringing more than 1400 students to engage in these projects across the city, the Detroit Partnerships hopes to assist our community partners in creating spaces where residents want to stay longer and also have stronger desires to partake in other revitalization efforts. The goal for Detroit Partnership day is to help create and revitalize communities that will prosper for years to come with the implementation and assistance in establishing sustainable community initiatives.