Dirt to Power Initiative

$10K Challenge Update

Dirt to Power Initiative (DPI) is a project committed to educating local community dwellers (particularly women, children and youths) on sustainable approach to food production using locally available waste materials in the community to create a functional and sustainable family garden. This park with an agriculture element, as well as recreation is the backbone for community engagement. This is not just a promotion of food security. This common area transformation is open to all, regardless of age or social standing. Creating a park from items thrown away tactfully displays beauty from waste.

As the cost of food staples increases, malnutrition, hunger and starvation increase. The project is set on a 36-month timeline with the first year encompassing design, construction. Community engagement begins in year two, followed by international tours and promotion.

Students leadership is built from the academic levels to insure sustainability. The sale of excess food production and class fees will cover the cost of the community backed project.