Ford C3 2018

Congrats 2018 Ford C3 top 10 winners!

​T​he Ford College Community Challenge finalists are already making the most of the 2018 projects. From erecting foundations to building on established program​s, Making Lives Better isn’t just a theme for these this year’s winning 10 projects.

“Having that space will allow me to be able to enjoy my community instead of always having to take my children outside of their community. I want them to know, “Hey, where you live is a beautiful place, too,’ Tracilli Rockford, president 2900 W. Adams Block Club (Chicago), said in InforPark’s video.

Whether reducing pollution or encouraging youthful citizen involvement or expanding green houses and gardens, these C3 projects ​serving residents in communities across the world are designed to live and grow beyond one semester.

Water Lily Project

University of California at Berkeley

Project Haiti

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Buckeye Precious Plastic

Ohio State University

The D and the Leader in Me

Wayne State University

Husky Adapt

University of Washington


University of Illinois at Chicago