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At Ford, we understand a truly sustainable organization takes an active role in the larger community, assisting to improve a wide range of vital issues from education to safety to mobility.

Through the Ford College Community Challenge, Ford Motor Company Fund challenges students to partner with organizations in their communities to design innovative projects that address critical community needs. The "Building Sustainable Communities" theme is evident in seven years of work ranging from community gardens to sustainable transportation to park improvements to aquaponics.

Through the 2015 C3 project winners, Ford continues supporting colleges and universities work with students designing and developing tangible community projects that address critical local needs. These communities become more sustainable places to work and live. Ford C3 empowers students with 2014-15 projects in China and Brazil to change the world, bringing their unique perspective to improve the quality of life in communities.

National Programs

  • Ford College Community Challenge

    Universities, colleges and students collaborate to solve sustainability questions facing communities. The 2015 student-led projects bring academia to implement practical solutions in critical community need situations to "Build Sustainable Communities."

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  • HBCU
    Historically Black Colleges & Universities Community Challenge

    The HBCU Community Challenge reflects the Ford century-long commitment supporting the African American community, and its education focus. Ford Fund invests more than $8 million a year—about one third of its annual financial support—in scholarships and additional educational initiatives.
    One with the rain.

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International Programs

  • Brazil

    The 2014–2015 Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership brings two Brazil Enactus teams into the fold as international winners selected by a panel of Ford Motor Company representatives. Brazil receives a $5,000 USD grant to implement these projects.

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  • China

    Four China Enactus teams were selected by a panel of Ford Motor Company representatives as winners of the 2014–2015 Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership. The country will receive a $5,000 USD grant to implement the projects.

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Past Winners - Building Sustainable Communities Since 2008

Since 2008, Ford Motor Company Fund has awarded $1.7 million to the Ford C3 program. A leader in sustainability and innovation, Ford is proud to support these student-led, community projects that have profoundly affected both the communities in need and the students who work with them.

Ford C3 projects during the past five years have made a tremendous impact in their communities—with many of them continuing to affect change years after they implemented their original project.