Near-Shore Water Rescue Robot

Student lead: Jacob Sotor

Student major: Electrical and computer engineering

Smart mobility will be used to provide Ojibwa Recreation Area communities small and remote shoreline areas a cost effective, easy to operate lifesaving remote controlled water rescue device. Michigan Technological University’s applied use of technology will reduce the number of drownings. The robot contributes to social mobility as small, remote shoreline communities can offer safe water recreational areas, which will encourage tourism and support localized economic growth. The near-shore water rescue supports a sustainable community by maximizing available capacity of emergency first responders by allowing rescue operations without life guard training.

MTU students' work with Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences Enterprise is underway benchmarking existing rescue methods, technologies to define a cost effective system; testing concept stages and initial prototype. Active international promotion adds to the project’s sustainability. The early exposure aids in device sales once the robot is commercialized.