Slow Food South Madison Partnerships for Sustainability

University of Wisconsin - Madison

This proposal seeks to make an existing Market Basket Program sustainable. The UW-South Madison Partnership Office shall receive a cooler to provide families with convenient basket pick-up that also houses education, health and additional social supports. Second, design-oriented graduate students from a Food Systems course will help plan the expansion and outreach of the program in South Madison. The Kaufman Lab for Study and Design of Food Systems and Marketplaces will host the program, and the Center for Community & Nonprofit Studies is the fiscal agent. Purchase of an electric-assist freight-bike will facilitate basket delivery via low-carbon, active transport. Students will prepare six community meals, sourcing healthy food from Rainbow Farmer’s Cooperative, a small farmer network. The purchase of cookware and creation of market basket incentives, including designing healthy recipes, holding cooking demos and classes facilitates outreach featuring market basket produce, promoting usage.

UW-Madison sustains collaborative partnerships with Growing Power and UW Odyssey Project bringing food sovereignty and higher education respectively into identified communities. Students will create basket outreach to Odyssey. These partners will help SFUW, engineering, business and design students understand racial disparities in the food system and are part of the solution by increasing distribution of affordable healthy food.


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