Fueling Future Innovators of Tomorrow

Whites Creek High/Alternative Energy/FFA Program


The Alternative Energy Program at Whites Creek High School in Tennessee is one of the most unique in the World. It is the only high school where a student can study alternative energy for four years as a career choice. White Creek Alternative Energy Program is STEM based education with a laboratory where students apply their knowledge by making wind, solar, ethanol, biodiesel, and the hydrogen car. We take education to a higher level with our mobile alternative energy laboratory, which our students have taken across three states teaching thousand of students about alternative energy.

Using student teaching skills and the alternative energy educational mobile laboratory we propose the following:

1. Traveling across the USA from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Our students will teach thousand of students about the sustainability and different types of alternative energy.

Our students will help schools set up curriculum and lessons for teaching alternative energy. We will also stop at different state departments of agriculture and universities.

2. To travel to the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington DC. with the mobile alternative energy educational laboratory. Our students will be ambassadors for alternative energy and developing high school educational programs for alternative energy.

Students will drive the entire trips using biodiesel that they made from soybeans that they grew.

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