One Plant at a Time

Rockford East High School


The Kiwanis Environmental Key Club decided they wanted to make a larger impact this summer in the school’s local garden and horticulture club. They recruited some help from many of the Literacy students to bring about the “One Plant at a Time” Summer Workshop series. The workshop series is based off of a smaller multi-year project that had a few students working in the school garden. Students wanted more from this summer’s project, and dreamed up a program that won praise from local businesses and community groups.

Expanding the summer garden, implementing books and literacy to gain knowledge, including local colleges, businesses, and community groups to be a part of the program, donating crop yields to local shelters and food programs, and developing lasting community relationships with 11 community partners set our project apart from most. Our students want to change the landscape of Rockford, figuratively and literally. When they do change the landscape in our community, shovels in hand, they can say they did it, “One Plant At A Time.”

Check back soon to see if your favorite video earned funds to implement their project!