Center for Advanced Technology, Lakewood High School, St. Petersburg FL


The FLASTEM Outreach project will enable Pinellas County high school students studying the fields of robotics and computer science, to share their knowledge of STEM subjects with local underrepresented elementary and middle school minority students. With this innovative approach in student mentoring and volunteerism, high school students with STEM backgrounds will be able to reach K-8 students who have never had previous exposure in these fields, and educate them about the importance of being technology-savvy in the 21st century. We plan to impact learning outcomes not only in Pinellas County but also in neighboring eight counties of Tampa Bay region, by collaborating with like-minded educators and mentors. The aim is to break the stereotypes that these underrepresented and minority students have in mind and inform, encourage, and motivate the students in various STEM learning opportunities so that they can take robotics and computer science classes during middle and high school years, a model that is currently lacking in many general education schools throughout the county. Our project plans to excite them with an opportunity to learn crucial 21st century skills – critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication that they will utilize in whichever profession they choose to go.

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