Student lead: Arpit (Kevin) Garg

Student major: Accountancy

Omnigreen is a team of biochemists and business majors who have invented a fusion product of nature and technology. A disruptive alternative in the indoor air purification industry, optimizing the natural plant based process and adding numerous proprietary technologies that exponentially improve a plant’s air scrubbing potential.

The product removes airborne chemicals from indoor spaces including ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, benzene and many volatile organic compounds known to cause chronic ailments including asthma, various forms of cancer and allergies. For every unit sold, one will be donated to a low-income family in the South Bay, Los Angeles area.

A three-phase marketing strategy to introduce the product to consumers and businesses is expected to extend the life of the project. Partnering with non-profits will be part of the strategy.


  • Wellness for Humanity Foundation