50+ Weekend freebies

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  • Men of Courage podcast launch party in The Factory in Corktown earlier this week.
    Men of Courage podcast launch party in The Factory in Corktown earlier this week.
  • Detroit — It’s the weekend and you want to stretch your legs from all that library and classroom. We’ve got more than 50 no-cost ways to stretch your mind and body. Bring a friend and let’s go!

    You just need to go to your favorite podcast listening place or visit with Men of Courage while you head to work or your last class of the week. If you caught the teaser a few days back, you are in for a surprise with a trio of podcasts available with today’s launch.

    MoC kicks-off with the mellow voice of New York Times bestselling author, Shaka Senghor. A MoC architect, Senghor shares the power of changing his narrative whether you are a mentor or mentee. And just like any good thing you’ll want more and the MoC podcast known as “The Blueprint” doesn’t disappoint with episode two with another MoC founder, Dave Bing. Whether you want to hear his insights as a successful entrepreneur or know him as an NBA Hall of Famer, this former Detroit Mayor speaks to the competitive advantages of black men.

    It’s OK to take a break before you listen to the third episode with Big Sean the philanthropist and entrepreneur. This rapper knows the big stage, so he’s aware of the pressures and stress everyone faces and endorses self-care along with pursuing a dream.

    Bonus: You don’t have to save these podcast as they’ll roll out once a week, so share, subscribe, rate and leave a note.

    Plus one, if you want

    Here’s a cool Saturday freebie, but as with some of those exams ya gotta follow the instructions. Firstly, only one Museum Day ticket per e-mail address, but each ticket allows free general admission Sept. 22 for two people. Secondly, you may want to be near a printer, because some of the museums require a hard copy.

    Search about 1,4000 museums in Alaska to Wyoming, of course this includes the District of Columbia, to visit Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium in New Orleans, La. to Yarmouth History Center in Yarmouth, Maine or in a city near you.

    Don’t forget to doublecheck for an asterisk and “Printed ticket required” beneath the address when you get your ticket.