Ford C3 Grant Helping Bring Food to Those in Need

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  • Flash Food app
    Flash Food app
  • Students at Arizona State University seized an opportunity to help those in need when they created FlashFood. The project is a successful distribution network for routing food to those in need in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

    With funding provided by Ford College Community (Ford C3) Grant program, ASU engineering, business and sustainability students are now looking to help more people in the community with FlashFood.

    FlashFood has collected and delivered more than 2,000 meals to date, and is providing about 200 meals each week. This is done through a mobile application. The application functions as the communications tool for a network system designed to collect perishable excess food from food-service businesses and deliver it to people in need.

    With the C3 funding, the program will be expanded by growing the network of food service businesses from whom they can collect excess perishable food to deliver to the needy in the community. These partners could include restaurants, catering services and banquet halls with excess food. Also through the Ford C3 funding, the mobile application will be expanded to additional mobile platforms.