Rainwater Catchment for Primary School in Buyuni Tanzania

Michigan State University

When clean water is needed many people reading this will turn a faucet handle and only adjust the knobs to reach the desired temperature.

However, in Tanzania the proposed water collection system is necessary to obtain precious water. The proposal focuses on capturing rainwater, filtering the water and then storing the water. The water will be collected via a roof gutter system, which gathers water as well as removes large contaminants including as leaves. The second stage of the system is to filter small contaminants with a basic sand filter. After filtration the water will be stored in a large tank for use when necessary.

This collection design will be built during the construction of the school. By using a water collection system that collects the rain from the roof instead of letting it run off, the demand placed on the local well head is eased and lessening the burning of expensive fuel to run the generator.

Partnering with this project are the Salvatorian Sisters in Tanzania as well as Solar-Circle, a non-profit group in Lansing.


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