Solar-powered Pump and Purifier for Providing Clean Drinkable Water in Rural Nigerian Communities

University of Michigan-Dearborn

Student Organization: College of Engineering and Computer Science College of Business

University of Michigan-Dearborn students intend to address community needs of clean drinkable water for more than 50,000 inhabitants in many remote Nigerian villages. This will be made possible through the design and installation of a solar-powered pump and water purification system. The student team will implement practical solutions to lower the incidence of water-borne diseases, and ultimately raise the life expectancy of the inhabitants in the community. The students team with the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria to deploy several proof-of-concept prototype systems.

The student-led team is composed of a diverse group of students and faculty advisors from electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and business school. OAU will be the first test site to take a test drive because of its lack of clean water sources and its ample year-round sunshine. OAU has a strong interest to maintain the project beyond this 2016 grant.