Tutorfly Inc.

Student lead: Parsa Rezvani

Student major: Business, economics

Tutorfly’s business model relieves multiple pain points for parents, including high priced tutoring services. The Tutorfly flat rate is $20 per hour during beta launch, approximately $40 less than the Bay Area average and $10-$20 less than national tutoring companies. Vetted peer tutoring provides less environmental pressure.

With more than 70,000 high schools in the United States, the aim is to partner with 3.6 percent (2,500) of large schools. Revenue will increase to about $40K per year at each of the large high schools with students receiving 1.5 hours tutoring per week for 26 weeks during the school year. Tutorfly receives a commission from each sale. Sustainability comes from growing the business.


  • California Scholarship Federation at Homestead High School
  • California Scholarship Foundation
  • Sunnyvale Community Service