Village Pump

Student lead: Hans Ottosson

Student major: Mechanical engineering

More than half a billion dollars are spent bringing clean water, via wells, in developing nations. This is problematic. Nearly all hand pumps installed in these wells need pump seals replaced within a year. Unfortunately, only about 15 percent of hand pumps receive the needed maintenance (globally) and the remaining 85 percent fall out of service, leaving millions of people again without clean water.

Village Pump proposes designing, prototyping and testing an improved pump to provide sustainable access to water. Key innovations will result in a pump with reduced frequency of required service and an increased probability of being serviced compared to existing pump solutions. These objectives will be accomplished under strict cost restraints to keep the cost of the pump as low as possible.

Partnering with ensures sustainability through utilizing an existing successful infrastructure and network of developing world connections. Smart reporting sensors built into the pumps will ensure that pumps receive needed service and attract future donors by enabling donors to see the impact their donations are having.